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Proofreading & Editing

Let me check that for you...

There are many reasons you might need a proofreader or editor to go through your written work before you release it out into the world (or even worse, into a lecturer for marking), but whatever that reason is, I can help. 

All suggested changes are marked up on PDF before-hand, so nothing gets altered without your approval.

Proofreading and Editing: Stacked binders full of business documents

Business Documents

proposals, Reports, Manuals & Marketing

If you want someone to cast an eye over an important proposal or simply want to make sure all of your documents are typo-free, I can help.

Use this service as a one-off, or on a rolling contract for regular work. 

Academic & Student

Dissertations, essays, reports & Projects

It’s easy to miss small errors when you have piles of work to do. For students, my proofreading and editing services are all about getting you those extra marks. I can limit suggestions to a simple spelling and grammar check or provide you with alternative copy where I think a change in sentence structure or wording might work well. Simple, easy, and best of all; you get to submit your work with complete confidence. 

Proofreading and Editing: Student's desk with computer, planner and mug of tea
Proofreading and Editing: A clear desk with notebook, headphones and post-it notes

English as a Second Language

Proofreading & sentence structure

While you’re still learning English it can be tricky to produce written work that you’re completely confident in.  You may even be having trouble creating your CV to a standard that reflects your skills and experience.

I can help you restructure your sentences to sound fluent, help you pick the right tone and make sure your grammar is on point. 


fiction & Non-fiction

They say that everyone has one book in them – are you ready to share yours with the world? 

Making sure your manuscript is well-written and free of errors will greatly improve your chances of finding a publisher and making a success out of all that hard work. In addition to simple proofreading, I’ll give you constructive feedback on the entire body of work and advice on the publication process.

Copywriting: Typewriter isolated on a bleached wooden background

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